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As Distributors of Great Beer, We Believe…

1. With great beer comes great responsibility.  This is the MillerCoors corporate responsibility identity and it means consumers, retail partners, distributors, and we as employees have a role in making sure beer is consumed responsibly.

2. Beer is enjoyed responsibly by millions of adults every day.  We are proud to be in the beer business, and most people drink beer responsibly.

3. We engage consumers and stakeholders and work collectively with them to promote responsible enjoyment of our products.  We cannot solve the problems of irresponsible consumption alone; we must  work with others to make a difference.

4. We care about the harmful effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption. We acknowledge that irresponsible drinking can harm the drinker and others.  We take this issue seriously.

5. Alcohol consumption is for legal age adults and is a matter of individual judgment and accountability.  Our products are not for underage people.  When adults drink, they need to use their own judgment and be held accountable for their decisions and actions.

6. We ensure that our marketing practices comply with laws, regulations and voluntary advertising and marketing codes.  We understand that our most basic action, and the one most expected by consumers, is to market our products responsibly.

7. Our  business culture values alcohol responsibility and our employees model high levels of conduct.  As a beer distributing company, our employees drink responsibly, just as we want our consumers to do.

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